About me

Contact details

School of Physics and Astronomy
University of Edinburgh
JCMB, King’s Buildings 
Mayfield Road, Edinburgh
Tel:  0044 (0)131 650 5288
Fax: 0044 (0)131 650 7003
email: m.aliotta@ed.ac.uk

About me

My research interests focus on the experimental investigation of nuclear reactions that occur in stars and govern their lifetimes and evolution. I am interested in exploring the processes that account for the synthesis of the chemical elements both in quiescent stars like our sun and in explosive scenarios like novae, supernovae and X-ray bursts.

I am the spokesperson of experiments at international radioactive ion beam facilities, such as TRIUMF (Canada), GANIL (France), and CERN (Switzerland). In 2010 I joined the LUNA (Laboratory Underground for Nuclear Astrophysics) Collaboration, for the study of low-energy nuclear reactions with stable nuclei.

I have ten years of teaching experience both at undergraduate and post-graduate level and have been invited to give plenary talks and lectures at several international conferences and summer schools. Over the years, I have taken on roles of increased responsibility within the School, at College level, and at University level and I am currently an Elected Senate Assessor on the University Court and a member of Court’s Finance and General Purpose Committee.

Finally, I am a loving mother to a cute baby boy and a mentor to PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and early career academics. To find our more about this, visit my blog “Academic Life”.


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