Invited Contributions

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  • 2007: Assessing the potential of podcasts as pre-lecture preparation M. Aliotta, S. Bates, K. Brunton, A. Stevens, Chapter 4, Book on Podcasting in Higher Education, IMPALA Project (Informal Mobile Podcasting and Learning Adaptation) Ed. G. Salmon & P. Edirisingha, Routeledge, 2007, about 20 pages
  • 2005: Electron Screening: A Review M. Aliotta et al., Proceedings of the FINUSTAR Conference, Kos, Greece, 12-17th September 2005
  • 2003: Radioactive Nuclei and Exploding Stars M. Aliotta, Nuclear Physics News International (NuPECC Magazine), Vol 13 n. 3 (2003)
  • 2002: Low-energy Nuclear Astrophysics: an Experimental Approach M. Aliotta, Proceedings of the 3rd International Balkan School on Nuclear Physics (2002). Ed. G. Lalazissis, Department of Theoretical Physics – Aristotele University of Thessaloniki, Greece, ISBN 960-312-118-5