Admin and other stuff

Since my appointment at the University of Edinburgh, I have taken up roles of increased responsibility in the administrative running of the School. Amongst my main roles, I chaired the Forward Look Task Force (2010) to devise and propose a new framework for our entire degree programmes. As the School’s International Coordinator I have established two new ERASMUS exchange programmes with the Albert-Ludwigs Universitaet Freiburg (Germany) and with the Technische Universitaet Muenchen (Germany).

For additional roles see also Memberships of National and International Committees

University of Edinburgh

  • 2010-2017              Member of the Policies and Resources Committee of the University Court
  • 2010                        Member of Court Review Group
  • 2008-2017              Senate’s Assessor on the University Court

College of Science and Engineering

  • 2010-2011              Member of the International Strategy Group
  • 2007-present         Member of Academic Senate
  • 2006                        Member of the Working Group on Flexible Learning

School of Physics and Astronomy

  • 2011-2012             Member of Forward Look Implementation Party
  • 2010                       Convener of Forward Look Task Force
  • 2009-2012             Post-Graduate Pastoral Interviewer
  • 2009-2010             International Exchange Coordinator
  • 2008                       Member of Selection Panel for Teaching Development Officer
  • 2007-2011             Elected Member of Teaching Committee
  • 2007                       Convener of Task Force on Methods and Combinations of Assessment
  • 2007                       Member of Selection Panel for SUPA Lectureship in Experimental/Computational Biophysics
  • 2007                       Member of Selection Panel for Teaching Development Officer
  • 2006-2013             Point of contact for female students
  • 2006-2010             Member of SUPA Graduate School Management Committee
  • 2006-2010             Director of Studies
  • 2005-2012             Member of Graduate Studies Committee
  • 2005-2011             SUPA Graduate School Representative for Nuclear and Plasma Physics Theme
  • 2005-2007             Post-Graduate Pastoral Interviewer
  • 2005                       Member of Selection Panel for SUPA Lectureship in Astrobiology
  • 2005                       Member of Selection Panel for SUPA Lectureship in Nuclear Physics
  • 2005                       Member of Selection Panel for SUPA Lectureship in Particle Physics Experiment
  • 2005                       Member of Selection Panel for SUPA Lectureship in Particle Physics Theory
  • 2005                       Member of Selection Panel for Two-year Lectureship in Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • 2005                       Liaison Person for Teaching Program Review
  • 2004-2007            Quality Assurance Officer for the School of Physics and Astronomy
  • 2004                      Member of Task Force for Learning Outcomes
  • 2002-2013            Recruitment and Publicity
  • 2001-2006            Member of the Institute of Physics Nuclear Physics Group